“Dude it’s crappy enchiladas, and they are awesome!”

Ok so I tried a new recipe last night for chicken enchiladas, and it was truly the best crappy enchiladas I have had in a long time. So I thought I would share it here.  Super easy  to make and cheap too.

Dudes Chicken Enchiladas


1 can cream of chicken soup

1 cup of salsa (any kind will do)

1 large can chicken (look it’s already cooked woo hoo)

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup shredded Monterrey jack cheese (I used Mexican blend cheese and just measured what felt good, but my family really likes cheese.)

2 tsp. chili powder

corn tortillas


What you do with it all.

Set oven to 350. Mix sour cream, salsa, and soup in a bowl.  Take one cup of this mixture, add the chili powder,  and combine with chicken and cheese in another bowl.  Roll this mixture in corn tortillas and place in a glass casserole dish(size of dish will depend on the size of your tortillas). Spread the rest of the soup mixture on top, and bake 40 minutes.  It should be bubbling.  At this point I added a handful of cheese to the top and baked another couple of minutes till that was melted.  And that’s it you are done, and ready to eat!

The other great thing about this recipe is that you can really dress these up and make everyone think you are a master chef.  For example why not add a can of drained rotel to the mix, or freshly chopped cilantro and jalapenos  the options really are limitless and completely styled to your preferences.  So I hope you enjoyed my adventure into crappy enchiladas.  And stay tuned for more posts.


A Moment Of Peace

HPIM1489.JPGMay we all take a moment today to remember those in need of some peace.  To all those effected by the tragedies at the Boston Marathon and the Plant Explosion in West, Texas and those who may be in our day to day lives that are going through some sort of personal tragedy, I say you are not alone.  If no one else will stand with you, I will! If you feel like you have no one to talk to, no matter what the problem is, contact me.  I will be there.  And if you feel like you can’t, then reach out and grab the love and peace that is available in so many places.  We personally have friends in West, and luckily they are alright, but have lost everything.  So I ask anyone that reads this to reach out and help those we see in need again no matter what the need.  We don’t have to have a tragedy of massive proportions to help.  So may all of you enjoy a sense of calm and peace today!

3rd Piece in my Audacity Series

HPIM1825.JPGThis is the third of my Audacity Series titled “Your Light Shines Through”.  I wanted something simple without too much detail, that was able to convey the feeling of an all powerful light (such as the soul or an inner strength) forcing it’s way through the darkness.  I think the trees and roots in this shot gave it more of a rain soaked feel.  Never hide your light, and always let it force through and shut out the darkness that tries to encroach upon your life.  As always “Let Your Freak Flag Fly”! Till next time!

Another in my Audacity Series titled “I Love You For Your Awkward Beauty”

HPIM1865.JPGI decided to continue my Series of photos following the last post named audacity.  This is titled I Love You For Your Awkward Beauty.  I called it that because there seems to me to be a strange beauty in these odd little plants.  They amazed me when I took the photo to see them among all these massive trees, and dead leaves.  Sometimes the things around us can be so chaotic  providing us with a sense of pressure on our souls.  But like these odd little plants, we should be ourselves and force the chaos back, stating that no matter what we will survive, thrive, and grow.  And some day with love, sunshine, strength, conviction, and determination on our side each of us will be the master of our own forest. Growth should continue no matter where you are in your life, strive to be the best and most amazing you that could ever be.  And Again “Let Your Freak Flag Fly!”

Flowers With an Edge (tilted “Audacity”)

HPIM1842.JPGI titled this piece Audacity, because to me it’s all about the flowers having the nerve to be bright and colorful in a dark dismal world.  I think we should all strive to have that nerve and be the ones to break the mold!  Stand out for the individual that you are and let everyone around you know it!  As we always say around my house “Let your freak flag fly!”.  Never be afraid of who you are, that is truly what makes you beautiful!